Cypriot Students’ Perceptions with Regards to Immigrants

The project investigated the perceptions and attitudes of Cypriot students in primary and secondary schools with respect to immigrants (Third Country Nationals). The research included a survey among 1250 students, interviews and focus groups. A set of recommendations were prepared regarding educational policies and integration procedures in public schools.

Developing Real World Authentic Learning

The project developed a model of authentic learning based on real-world problem solving and through collaborations between schools and enterprises. The model will be used to design and develop a Teacher Training Program to train school staff in creating, implementing, and evaluating learning activities using authentic learning approaches to engage and motivate learners.

e-Learning Analytics Tool

The main outcome of the project was to develop prototype software based on data mining and web technologies for the analysis of educational data from Learning Management Systems (LMS). This e-Learning Analytics Tool provides a complete group of operations and activities that help identify and assess students’ behaviour, based on the data retrieved from the LMS.

Development of Model for Teaching and Learning Online

The main objectives of this program were to research, review and evaluate the needs of educators regarding educational technology issues and models of online education, as well as to design and develop a pilot program. The main deliverable of the project was to develop a model and course for preparing teachers and trainers to design and deliver online courses.

Design And Evaluation of Blended Learning Environments

The research goal of this project was to examine the elements of flow and interactivity in blended learning environments with the aim to develop a framework that will guide the design and evaluation of blended learning environments. As part of this project, and to test and refine the framework, a course was developed, implemented and evaluated.

Preparing Teachers to Teach with ICT

The purpose of this project was to transfer innovation from the world leading institution in learning design (Open University UK) and to better prepare teachers and trainers in integrating ICT in teaching and training in innovative ways.
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