Greek Minors - Geia Xara

"GEIA CHARA" project was designed taking into consideration the widely shared view that non-native speaking children often face difficulties when coming across academic language in their school environment.

Apart from that, they may have a problem adhering and understanding the school norms, social and academic practices are followed.

The program is specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of TCN students, offering free Greek Language courses – at a beginner and intermediate level - for migrant, third-country nationals, children aged 6 to 12. The lessons, offered across Cyprus, facilitate daily activities for students helping them familiarise themselves with the habits, culture and daily routines of the island; hence aiding them to strengthen their academic performance. In addition to the lessons, Geia Chara has developed and made available online a wide array of online resources for teachers teaching Greek as well as games for children to test and build up their language skills.

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Education, Migration
Funding Agency:
Co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund