RELIEF – euRopean bio-Economy aLliancE in Farming

European agriculture and farming is facing many challenges. For example, limited resources, environmental degradation, pollution, climate change, etc. One of the solutions is within the section of the bio-economy pillar. However, the transition into a sustainable and circular bio-economy in agriculture requires an upgrade of bio-economy-related training and education to meet future workforce needs.

RELIEF – euRopean bio-Economy aLliancE in Farming is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme, Partnership for Innovation, Alliances for Education and Enterprises and aims to spreading the principles of the bio economy in the agricultural sector by contributing at to EU rural areas innovation by creating educational and professional training opportunities for university students, agriculture consultants and farmers.

RELIEF training approach wants to offer the following:

  • bioeconomy skills;
  • green, entrepreneurial and transversal skills such as communication, leadership, critical, creative and agile thinking, problem solving, team building, emotional intelligence, resilience skills:
  • digital skills that are necessary for the facilitation of the transition to bioeconomy.

In line with the requirements of the Alliances for Innovation Relief brings together a group of Higher Education Institutions, Vocational Education and Training providers, farmer consultants, research institutes with presence in rural communities and farming in four EU countries.

RELIEF – euRopean bio-Economy aLliancE in Farming partners are:

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