CIRCULO - Using agile learning platforms to infuse circular economy knowledge with entrepreneurial spirit.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on millions of people in the EU. For the millions who have lost their jobs, acquiring a new set of skills and moving to new jobs in different sections of the economy is perhaps their best chance in rebuilding a sustainable and fulfilling career. CIRCULO aims to support vocation education and training providers in providing high-quality online education by presenting a bespoke range of resources that develop circular knowledge infused with entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition, the project aims to:

  • provide VET learners, young people and workers with an online training map for building and understanding the principles for a circular economy.
  • develop a toolkit with the aim to build entrepreneurial spirit based on the Ideas & Opportunities section of the EntreComp framework
  • provide a broader understanding of VET practices and improve the competencies in the teaching of VET professionals through the planned LTTAs and the online eNetwork.


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