STAY CONNECTED - Fostering Digital and Social Inclusion in Hybrid Workplaces

STAY CONNECTED aims to help Managers, Team Leaders, and HR professionals acquire the appropriate competencies and knowledge on how to incorporate and facilitate hybrid models of work to promote digital and social inclusion of all employees, while at the same time, sustain and even improve motivation in their teams.
The hybrid working model is becoming the norm in most workplaces including of the partners themselves, with employees dividing their time between the office and working remotely. Although this provides freedom and flexibility for staff, it creates a challenge for employers in making sure everyone is productive, engaged, and feels part of an inclusive culture. Digital inclusion focuses on providing the same culture, conditions and opportunities to every staff member, no matter where they are working from. It means levelling the playing field for everyone, and delivering equal access to technology, resources and information required to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Digital inclusion therefore becomes critical in a hybrid working environment. It enables employees to feel connected, engaged and empowered to do their best work, wherever they are.
Τhe project aims to help managers/HR managers receive appropriate skills and knowledge on how to implement hybrid work-models to promote digital inclusion of all employees, create social connectedness between teleworkers and non-teleworking team members, while at the same time, sustain or improve team wellbeing and productivity.

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