Optimising Health Literacy Through Innovative Family Learning Approaches

The HEALTH@HOME project aims to help transform areas of social and economic disadvantage into sustainable, healthy communities by providing a full range of age appropriate and accessible family education resources to promote health literacy.

For this purpose, the project targets health literacy through four thematic areas: promoting positive mental health, diet and nutrition, preventative health promotion, social media in the health sector. 

For this purpose, a collection of themed comic strips for younger children and a compendium of web-quest challenge-based educational resources for learners between the ages 13 and 25 will be developed. Moreover, the HEALTH@HOME project will develop a series of workshop lesson plans, tip sheets and a learner manual to raise health literacy awareness among parents and guardians as well as an induction training programme to help them manage the family learning model developed. In addition, the in-service training programme for adult educators will support their engagement with the new resources developed. All resources developed will be available through an online learning environment and will be available to all interested parties. 

Additional Info

Funding Agency:
KA2 Strategic Partnerships
2019 - 2020