OPEN UP: Engaging formal and non-formal professionals in the inclusion of children and teenagers with sensory disorders, under the Erasmus + Programme

The Open up project focuses on engaging formal and non-formal education professionals in the inclusion of children and teenagers with sensory disorders, developing the professionals’ capacity to ensure quality inclusive education (incl. formal and non-formal education) for children and teenagers with visual and hearing impairments.

The project will consist of a set of new materials that will all be translated in all the national languages of the partnership. This will include:

The Open up Guide for Professionals, i.e. a handbook defining the profile of ‘resource person’ that is divided in two main sections,: one about ‘visual impairments’/ ‘how to support blind or partially sighted youngsters’ and another one about ‘hearing impairments’/ ‘how to support deaf of hard of hearing youngsters’ in mainstream schools of youth organisations.

The Open up Training Curriculum, i.e the project’s curriculum, consisting of a training tool for the trainers to train future ‘resource persons’.

The Open up e-Learning Platform, i.e. an e-learning interface consisting of e-learning sessions and self-assessment tools that will function as the virtual community of the e-learners or the Open up ‘resource persons’. It will act like a helpline for any European formal and non-formal education professional or third parties interested in inclusive education.

The Open up Joint Statement for inclusive (formal and non-formal) education, i.e. a paper that aims at raising awareness of policy makers in the field of education, mainstream schools - their boards of leaders - and youth organisations, with tailored information and recommendations for improving the quality of inclusive education in Europe.

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