Online Teaching Advancement - Science through Art

Thousands of pupils and teachers have been forced to stay at home and adapt to online teaching due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the whole education system has had many difficulties to manage this change. Beyond instructional goals, teachers were also required to maintain the social integration of pupils, while significant disruption to the provision of classes in the specialized classrooms, excursions etc happened. 

This Erasmus+ project aims to use art to overcome barriers to online learning of science subjects, obtain better learning outcomes and engage in positive learning experiences. Different types of art and art expressions can be used, in fact, to introduce pupils to new ways of online learning, achieving learning outcomes based on the curriculums and reducing the feeling of social isolation.

OTA partners from Finland, Slovenia, Italy and Cyprus will produce a Learning Methodology, a Toolkit and a MOOC platform to equip science teachers of primary/secondary education in formal settings with skills and knowledge that can facilitate N&S learning in an engaging context, creating positive learning experiences and giving them the opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices and network with each other.

OTA project also wants to influence policy makers in each partnership country to provide guidance and educational support for the effective online learning of N&S subjects.

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01/04/2021 - 31/03/2023