Basic pillars of digitalization

Promote Digital Literacy and Tech Skills

Digital literacy is an essential life skill which should be taught in all areas of education but teaching tech skills can be complicated in traditional online training environments. Thus, the initial aim of digitalization is to spread awareness regarding the importance and impact that digital knowledge and skills have on the society and economy, and then to help the educators to become competent in using technical equipment as well as becoming technologically literate in order to educate the learners (i.e., VET learners).

Adopt and integrate emergent technologies

The technology we rely on today changes over time. To develop existing systems and improve the services provided, the incorporation of emerging technologies that align with positive customer experiences is vital.

  • To do so, the systems and processes used need to evolve to keep up with the industry’s standards
  • By investing in technology and design consulting, your skills can be used to build more effective and efficient processes and more advanced products.

Promote digitalization by having a customer-centered approach

  • Meet the evolving needs of your customers and the market
  • Predict the market and your upcoming customers’ needs
  • Awareness of what others offer to the customers/learners

Promote digitalization by paying attention to employees’ experience.

Transformation happens from the inside out. understanding your people helps you get to those goals. Companies that are transparent with, value, and invest in people experience easier transformations because of the loyalty and support they’ve built among their teams. Keep in mind: Every interaction that the employee has within your organization is critical and will have a measurable impact on your organization, your technology, and your brand.

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