The InclusiveHE Training Course and MOOC

The consortium of the InclusiveHE project gladly announces the publication of a training course and MOOC.

The Inclusive Higher Education Training Course – ‘Design, implement and monitor effective inclusive policies and practices in HEIs’ – aims to support trainers to train academics and learning designers on how to develop inclusive courses that allow students with diverse abilities, ethnic, cultural and migration background, sexual orientation and religion to have an equal opportunity to learn. The ultimate goal is to improve the supply of high quality inclusive higher education opportunities for all, and raise awareness concerning inclusive practices that foster inclusion.

The Inclusive Higher Education Training Course consists of:

  • A pedagogical guide with concrete guidance on how to facilitate the training as a face-to-face activity
  • A flexible training module, which can be adapted by the trainer to the needs of his/her audience. 

For a self-paced course on inclusive education, academics and higher education support staff can take advantage of the Inclusive Higher Education MOOC, which provides interactive and hands-on activities to empower them design and implement inclusive education programmes.

The MOOC consists of the following six modules:

  1. Introduction to diversity, equity and inclusion 
  2. Design and development of inclusive programmes 
  3. Gender, sex, culture and language education
  4. Inclusion of special needs students in HE
  5. Social justice education and conflict resolution 
  6. Technology for Inclusion 

Both resources are available online via the project website.

The InclusiveHE partners invite all interested higher education institutions and actors to take advantage of these resources and get in contact with the consortium for any further information or support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


For more details, visit the project website.